Editor’s Note: Past Resistance Paves Way for the Future

Editor’s Note: Past Resistance Paves Way for the Future

This week, The Students’ Herald is recalling two tragic events from our country’s history. The first event is the military coup led by General Ziaul Haq against the government of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. The second event is the demise of Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah, sister of the founder of this country, and a staunch defender of democracy. Continue reading “Editor’s Note: Past Resistance Paves Way for the Future”

‘To Remain Silent is to Die’: Poetry as Resistance during the Zia Era

‘To Remain Silent is to Die’: Poetry as Resistance during the Zia Era

Maryam Mirza

There is a strange melancholy in reminiscing about Zia ul Haq’s era. Strange because I, as a mind and body, have not lived through it – yet the historical memory of the dictatorial regime remains omnipresent in almost every facet of the Pakistani experience – including the country’s artistic evolution. Despite massive wide scale suppression of resistant voices, the amount of literary, intellectual and artistic work that has recorded rebellion and censorship during the Zia era is unparalleled to another period in Pakistan’s history. Despite state active efforts to shun critical speech, it was through the words of brave and revolutionary writers that today the modern citizen recognises his governance as a crucial turning point in the country’s politics and social life. Continue reading “‘To Remain Silent is to Die’: Poetry as Resistance during the Zia Era”

Resistance in the pandemic

Resistance in the pandemic

Munir Uddin

The outbreak of this pandemic initially brought all activities of the world, be they economic, political or educational, to standstill, at least for some time. Having realized the reality of living with it for a long time, new ways to run the affair of the world have been adopted, which is appreciable. In the face of this pandemic all educational institutions were shut down and lockdown was imposed to contain it from spreading. Students were hard hit by this pandemic and subsequent lockdown. Many university students — from peripheral areas of interior Sindh, erstwhile FATA, Balochistan and KPK — who were residing in hostels, had to leave for their homes. Continue reading “Resistance in the pandemic”