Editor’s Note: Past Resistance Paves Way for the Future

Editor’s Note: Past Resistance Paves Way for the Future

This week, The Students’ Herald is recalling two tragic events from our country’s history. The first event is the military coup led by General Ziaul Haq against the government of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. The second event is the demise of Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah, sister of the founder of this country, and a staunch defender of democracy. Continue reading “Editor’s Note: Past Resistance Paves Way for the Future”

Editor’s Note: Campaign For Access to Internet and Education Will Continue

Editor’s Note: Campaign For Access to Internet and Education Will Continue

Last week, after many months of campaigning for access to internet and the right to education, students in Quetta faced the wrath of the state. Failing to provide any concrete solutions to resolve this longstanding issue, state authorities felt compelled to baton charge and arrest student protestors to suppress their simmering resentment. Continue reading “Editor’s Note: Campaign For Access to Internet and Education Will Continue”

Editor's Note

Editor’s Note – Reclaiming Press freedoms

This week’s edition of The Students’ Herald is dedicated to those journalists who risk their lives in pursuit of the truth. We at The Students’ Herald recognise the unprecedented challenge facing journalists today; media workers across the country face gruelling pressures from not just their employers, but also the state. Many workers at newspapers and television channels have not been paid their salaries for months. Others have been downsized en masse; and others have been silenced as controls on free speech continue to tighten. At the same time, ‘red lines’ for journalists have constantly been shifting, and raising questions about official policies is no longer possible. Continue reading “Editor’s Note – Reclaiming Press freedoms”

Editor's Note

Editor’s Note

This week’s edition – themed Profiting from a Pandemic – is meant to expose the reality of what we unapologetically call the ‘education mafia.’ This mafia essentially comprises all those involved in deciding the framework of our education system and the fate of students – from officials in government to the businessmen who have invested in and profit off our fundamental right to education. Continue reading “Editor’s Note”