Editor’s Note: Campaign For Access to Internet and Education Will Continue

Editor’s Note: Campaign For Access to Internet and Education Will Continue

Last week, after many months of campaigning for access to internet and the right to education, students in Quetta faced the wrath of the state. Failing to provide any concrete solutions to resolve this longstanding issue, state authorities felt compelled to baton charge and arrest student protestors to suppress their simmering resentment. Continue reading “Editor’s Note: Campaign For Access to Internet and Education Will Continue”

Our Struggle: ‘My parents sacrificed everything so that I could go to university’

Our Struggle: ‘My parents sacrificed everything so that I could go to university’

Haider Butt

I was born in a poor household in a working class neighbourhood. It is adjacent to an industrial area so our neighbours were mostly factory workers and their families. My father was a trade unionist and a labour leader. We didn’t have a lot of money in our house, but my father’s social and political life earned us respect and dignity among the people in our town. Still, respect does not put food on the table and I never really experienced financial stability in my home. My mother is a housewife: her unpaid, unrecognised and uncelebrated labour was perhaps the only thing that made our home liveable. Continue reading “Our Struggle: ‘My parents sacrificed everything so that I could go to university’”

Online-isation of Education

Online-Isation of Education

Uzair Salman

Online education may for now be the only option at the disposal of governments across the globe given the near-global lockdown, but it comes with a cost no government, especially one governing a developing nation, is ready to bear: the cost of taking out of the context those who either belong to underprivileged families or hail from areas aloof of any bits of internet connectivity, irrespective of whether or not they can afford to stand it since they have to be home and can’t reside in cities owing to hostels’ having been shut down. Continue reading “Online-Isation of Education”

COVID-19 and education for students in peripheries

COVID-19 and Education for Students in Peripheries

Muhammad Bezinjo

The outbreak of the contagious COVID-19 virus in Pakistan has disrupted social life and the economy of the country. The pandemic has also affected the education sector and universities were forced to adopt the online lecture system. This new way of education, just like the novel virus, put students in a difficult situation, particularly those from areas like Gilgit Baltistan, Balochistan, south Punjab and the tribal districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Despite the on-pandemic, private universities impetuously set a calendar for the beginning of the online classes by granting a gap of 15 days to train teachers for this new beginning. Some famous private universities also significantly increased the semester fee, perhaps to show a sense of solidarity with the burdens of their apprentices. The quality of online education had become the requirement of high wages. Continue reading “COVID-19 and Education for Students in Peripheries”

18th amendment and the right to education

18th Amendment and the Right to Education

Hamza Wyne

There is a lot of debate about the 18th amendment in the national discourse these days. A neglected aspect of this discussion is the fact that apart from bringing reforms in the political sphere of the country, this amendment has also restructured the education system — by splintering the hierarchy and clipping the spreading tentacles of the federal system. It gives the provinces ascendancy over its institutions and resources, which are facing a cluster of issues under the federal dispensation. Continue reading “18th Amendment and the Right to Education”

What about student unions

What about Student Unions?

Arooj Aurangzeb

The word union is borrowed from old French and Late Latin, meaning ‘one, unity/the state of being united or being undivided, uniting/action of uniting into one political body.’ If we are to remain true to the essence of the word ‘union,’ then student unions should be a platform where students of Pakistan and its administered areas: Unite! Continue reading “What about Student Unions?”