The Liminal in Urdu Literature

Even as Faiz here seems resigned to a sense of nostalgic melancholia in this ghazal, other works of his take a more optimistic view, using the metaphor of the dawn to indicate a brightness of future and cause for hope. Subh-e-Azadi is a good example. Freedom is an accomplice to dawn; a time of day when the first specks of sunlight begin to shine through the darkness and from whereon the day only gets brighter

Security Threats Loom Over Islamabad Universities

The Pakistani government’s inability to overcome terrorism reflects a failure in implementing comprehensive counterterrorism strategies. Persistent threats, as evidenced by recent warnings, highlight a need for more effective intelligence, coordination, and proactive measures. Addressing root causes and fostering international collaboration should be prioritized for lasting security.

لاہور: پنجاب یونیورسٹی میں اسلامی جمعیت طلبہ کا حملہ

تفصیلات کے مطابق گزشتہ روز اسلامی جمعیت طلبہ کے تقریباً 50 کے قریب مسلح افراد پنجاب یونیورسٹی آرٹس کیمپس داخل ہوئے اور انہوں نے طلبہ پر حملوں کی لہر شروع کردی جس میں طالبات کو بھی ہراساں کیا گیا