The Failing Societies


When the credibility of the pillars is questioned

What to expect of the sentries positioned!

When the honesty of priests is suspicious

Don’t expect from pupils – though gifted and precious

When the energy of the mother is used and she is discarded!

Don’t expect success and fame even though you’re respected

When the commoners are dishonest and let loosed

What to expect of those whom they choose!

When the hands of a judge tremble to hold the scale

Then the picture gets Clear and falls before the eyes all scales

When the blood of a soldier is wasted and forget

Then the nations fail irrespective of huge armies and big jets!

When the accumulation of things becomes a sign of greatness

Then loot, lies, and, dishonesty are considered correctness

When law knower become enemy of justice

Then courts become satan’s concubine and mistress

When the poor workers dwell in unbearable stress

God never allows the wealthy of this nation to rest

When the vulnerable are raped, deprived, and burnt

Then the generations of the superiors remain unhappy and unlearnt