Teachers in Kech Need Attention

Teachers in Kech Need Attention

Nawaz Elahi

A teacher is a visualizer, a career counsellor and an image creator. A noble teacher is a marker of peace. But it really hurts me to mention that the incumbent government of Balochistan has terminated the services of 114 teachers in Kech on the allegations that they did not perform their duties.

Amongst these are some teachers who have served their country for more than 25 years. Some were awarded Best Teachers before, but now they are raising their voice for justice and are on hunger strike, taking out rallies and protesting. But there is no one to listen to their voices.

The termination of 114 teachers is really a big loss. Today we see other countries are advancing in the field of education and they have a culture of respecting their teachers.

But here, serving for more than 25 years is not enough; they can be dismissed on the basis of false and fabricated allegations. These are not only 114 teachers, they are 114 families whose source of livelihoods has been snatched by the government.

Additionally, on October 5, International Teacher’s Day, Martyred Tariq Qamar Zehri Commissioner Mekran told Secretary Education to reinstate the terminated teachers.

Despite all political parties, civil society, students organizations and teachers associations are demanding to reinstate these teachers but still no action has been taken on this crucial issue.

The teachers are claiming that they were not heard properly, which is not only violation of constitutional rights but also infringement of principle of justice.

Most importantly, among these 114 terminated teachers, some teachers have been awarded certificates for the best performance of teaching and some teachers have died and retired as well it discovers that they were suspended on mala fide intention.

The prevailing government is completely failed to address the issues of terminated teachers.

As Nawaz Ellahi, former Director of Baloch English Language Center, said that teachers are like candles which burn themselves but give lights to others. He further stated that teachers are the guiders, leaders, heroes and builders of our nation; in addition, their contribution to the society is gigantic. They must be appreciated and venerated for their rendering services. Teacher is the only profession which creates other all professions.

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