PU,ISCS students boycotting Online Oral Exams*

PU,ISCS students boycotting Online Oral Exams*

Report: The Students Herald

Students from institute of social and cultural studies (University of the Punjab) want to boycott their exams as they are extremely upset and exhausted. Teachers informed them that they will have exams from August 26th and exams will be conducted in department. (They will conduct online exams just in case condition become worse) and now they just dropped a bomb on students and told just 15 days before about the exams that exams will start from 16th July.

Secondly from last 3 months teachers kept saying to students that online exams will be objective type and now they are saying oral exam will be conducted and that too of 35 or 50 marks. First of all who take oral exams and that too of 35 or 50 marks? The students are very upset with it as there are many students who are not good at presenting and their communication skills are weak. This will definitely shatter their confidence and will effect their grades as well.

Teachers also told them that they will take assignments which will carry 40 marks. When we talk to some students about it, They are not fine with it as they are saying that they already had submitted bundle of assignments in last 3 months and they are questioning the teachers that had they even seen those once as they didn’t had discussion on those too.

Teachers of the institute kept saying them, they will facilitate the students who were unable to take online classes due to internet connectivity issues or other reasons. They did nothing for them and as they had not taken classes already due to connectivity issues, how are they supposed to give exams?They didn’t stick to their own words and then blame the students for not cooperating.

The syllabus is way too lengthy and they are asking the students to cover everything up in 15 days plus also students must submit assignments along covering the syllabus. One of student questioned that, Are the students robots? They themselves are too lazy to make an exam paper and upload it and decided to take oral exams that’s why. The students believe they are asking them for too much. Students are also questioning them that why do they have changed the dates of examination when the students were ready for having exams from 26th August? The students were struggling but still they cooperated.

Just want to make money out of students as after the exams they will ask students to submit next semester fee.

What’s the fault of students who belong to remote areas. They already lack facilities and now they will suffer more. Is there future not important? This is so unfair and this is injustice.

One of the student Ali Raza taking to Herald said that, What if the student himself/herself is tested positive for corona. The time is already so mentally and physically challenging for them. In this crisis, How they are supposed to give exam?

One of the student at ISCS Kalsoom Fatima said that, We students tried to cooperate in every way possible but now it’s enough. We will boycott the exams if administration will not pay heed towards our request. Conduct exams on the previous given dates and oral exams are not acceptable at all.The Students of the mentioned institute has started a Twitter trend
#PUISCS_StudentsRejectOralExams, many students are writing their concerns on Twitter and want the authorities to address their issues as soon as possible.

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