Poem: Farmer’s Revolution

WE feed the masters of workers.
Yes, We are impoverish and improvident farmers

We toil in summer and we wait till winter.
Yes, we can’t educate our children

We nourish and provide fruits and crops
. Yes, we can’t see fruit of our crops and fruits

Our health deteriorated and weak
Yes, Exchequer is weak, no medicine except to weap.

Middlemen and bankers cheat us
Yes, we are naive in the art of market

We are nation’s food machine.
Yes, bear taxes, harships, poverty and cruelties

Our children are educated!
Yes, to work as clerks and office helpers!

Our schools are dynamic and progressive.
Yes, used as Hujras, chowks and majestic barns.

We are known as Paindos and insolent
Yes, Landlords and capitalists are our lords.

Our sufferings and harships are destined
Yes, the history forefathers is a testimony
The farmers are all brothers
Yes, no boundaries and no borders

We are givers but still poor
Yes, the falgs of revolution must now hover

This piece of poetry has been contributed by Fida Hussain. To write for The Students Herald contact: writetostudentsherald@gmail.com

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