FIRs and Students

The registration of fake and malicious FIRs is not a herculean task in Pakistan, especially if the complainant is the police itself or any other government organisation. In the last few years, we have observed the registration of innumerable and reckless FIRs against the students of various colleges and universities. These criminal cases are not mere accusations, but they wreak havoc upon the careers of the students. These cases are part of a technique to fix blinkers around the eyes of youngsters who want their country glorified and developed. 

Pakistan is faced with a host of complex problems. From women to transgender people, every section of society, from government employees to daily wage workers, and from political workers to all youngsters, is dissatisfied, depressed, and uncertain. In this scenario, although student politics is banned in the country, thee energetic and courageous students protest against the atrocities of police, WAPDA, local governments, politicians, and education departments. This is the beauty of democracy.

I worked as a lawyer and saw tens of our friends and juniors, brilliant pharmacy students, law, politics, and English, booked in the various FIRs on flimsy grounds. These cases surely affected them psychologically, academically as well as financially. 

Furthermore, the consequences will be that they will not be able to get government jobs. They will face difficulties in obtaining working and education visas from European countries. Besides the loss of education and the ill-fated students earned in pursuance of good causes when working for the betterment of society, these students will be unable to get real benefits out of their education and degrees in this existing system. The registered FIRs will prevent them from getting jobs.

The students of all political parties, including the students of the progressive movement and regional and nationalist parties, are entangled in this dangerous quagmire of FIRs. It is high time for the legislators and members of the executive to ponder on this issue at hand at this time. It is a burning hot issue for hundreds of students of this country. The policymakers should think that the future of their children is ruining because of fallacious systems and rules. The registration of FIRs by police and universities must be controlled. All those who were booked in FIRs on various pretexts while participating in students politics must be exonerated from the allegations. Jobs must not be related to criminal allegations. And people-friendly laws must be promulgated in the country. 

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