Youth and Politics

Youth and Politics


Politics is considered the backbone of any state or a country. It is responsible for all the activities which can directly or indirectly affect the nation’s progress or the prosperity.  At the same time, the youth is also considered as the backbone of a country’s development. They provide the shoulder for its progress. Basically they play the role of stairs in the journey of progress and development.  Talking about these two important segments of any society, it is not wrong to say that if politics is the backbone of a nation then the youth is the brain of that whole nation. The nation will never go on the right without the collaboration of these two. Logically, if these parts can collaborate with each other then surely they both can be linked in the present times, both these segments are interlinked at a great level because youth have already started participation in politics. But still we need to make our youth more aware about the political system.  

If we talk about the democratic system, we all know that in a democratic government public choose their leaders by voting in election. Therefore, it is necessary for the public to have deep knowledge about all the facts and details of politics and the people who are demanding vote from them. They have to gain all this information because they are going to choose the leader who will rule on them. And according to research every country has almost half of its population comprised of youth. Now let’s suppose if the 70% population of a country is youth and they didn’t take any interest in their political system then how can they choose their leader wisely even when they don’t know about who is right for them and who isn’t. Let’s take about our country, Pakistan. As we all know, Pakistan is a democratic republic with a system based on the elected government. Pakistan’s people choose their leader by voting. And claimed by a recent study, 63% of Pakistan’s population consists of youth.  Now the point to be ponder is if we advise our youth to stay away from politics and only focus on studies then how can this 63% people use their votes correctly to choose a correct person for their welfare.  Is it right to vote blindly without knowing a single fact about this system which is known as the backbone of our state? On the other hand it also an important fact for other forms of government as well as for democratic government. The people who are consider as the backbone for country’s development, should be aware about their country’s affairs.

We are living in a country which is established in the name of Islam. Our ambitious leaders devoted their precious lives to get a country for the freedom of living our lives according to our religion. But unfortunately we have made this country a place where we really need to make right decision for the betterment of our circumstances and the preservation of our bright future. It is only possible when we all take interest in our affairs whether it’s about education, economy, military or politics. We should guide our youth to the right path for their future steps and also provide them opportunities to take part in the affairs of their country. Instead of asking them to be a topper of college, a doctor or an engineer, we should teach them to be a responsible, faithful and loyal citizen. This will root patriotism in their hearts and the developed a spirit of doing anything in the favor of their country.  

In short it’s time to bring our youth towards the right path and make them realize that they should utilize their creativity and energy for the country’s progress, development and the prosperity. 

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