Online Readiness: Under Construction

Online Readiness: Under Construction

Mahnoor Nasir

I am a student and a teacher. My interaction with academia, therefore, is twofold. I hold power and power is exercised on me. As a student, I am victim of the faulty online classes and as a teacher I must follow the university guidelines to continue teaching without regard for students as individuals with their complex circumstances. When I try to write about the injustices of the system, I also struggle to fight my biases and find my footing so I am able to articulate them with precision. Continue reading “Online Readiness: Under Construction”

The fiction of online classes

The fiction of online classes

Salman Sikandar

Munir Uddin belongs to Chitral and is a student of history at GCU Lahore. I met him for the first time in Nasir Bagh infront of GCU where he was attending a study circle about the history of student movements. Since then, I often used to see him sitting in front of Bukhari Auditorium where he used to sit alone and read books about history and politics. Continue reading “The fiction of online classes”

Online Classes: A Dream in Baluchistan

Nawaz Elahi ,Turbat, Kech

Baluchistan is a resourceful province with largest area yet have lowest literacy, infrastructure and educational rate. Internet has become an essential necessity in all aspect of life of today’s modern world and its availability is not less than a blessing in peripheral provinces. Baluchistan unlike other provinces of Pakistan is not fortunate to avail this basic necessity. Continue reading “Online Classes: A Dream in Baluchistan”

Boycott of Online Classes Continues

Boycott of Online Classes Continues

Author: Progress Students Collective

The campaign around online classes has entered its fourth week now. Students in across the country have rejected these online classes on various grounds. We have raised these concerns on multiple social and administrative platforms – through social media, writing letters to each university administrations and explaining specific issues of that campus and by using mainstream media platforms. Continue reading “Boycott of Online Classes Continues”