Online Classes: A Dream in Baluchistan

Nawaz Elahi ,Turbat, Kech

Baluchistan is a resourceful province with largest area yet have lowest literacy, infrastructure and educational rate. Internet has become an essential necessity in all aspect of life of today’s modern world and its availability is not less than a blessing in peripheral provinces. Baluchistan unlike other provinces of Pakistan is not fortunate to avail this basic necessity.

Baluchistan manifold districts .i.e Kech, Panjgur, Kalat, Sorab Awaran are deprived of internet facility for last four years which has made online classes a dream here. Suspension of 3G &4G internet and PTCL Evo created sense of frustration and dejection for people of Baluchistan; however, PTCL is available in some areas but it expensive and non-standard.

More importantly, internet is a phenomenal source of communication in education, business and all the walks of people are suffering in a great extent students, teaches, advocates, journalists, bankers etc. 

Previously Higher Education Commission (HEC) announced online classes and Affluent Universities initiated online classes, likewise Governor Secretariat Baluchistan also officially announced online classes because of Covid-19 crisis. It is sad to say that there is not internet facility in numerous areas of Baluchistan because of this students’ precious time is being wasted. Many of us are frustrated because we are totally unaware of what is going on and what will happen to our degrees in future. Internet could be a great source to give information about Corona Virus in order to take preventive measures against it but the people of Baluch districts are oblivious of it. 

Since the internet is suspended in Baluchistan, students, social organizations and businessmen did many demonstration and demanded for restoration of internet; in addition, Senator Kabber Mohammad Shahi and Senator Khouda Akram Dashti  addressed internet issue in Upper House (Senate) numerous times yet there haven’t been any action taken by the provincial and federal government. 

I request Federal and Provincial Government to take pragmatic and serious measures to restore internet in Baluchistan.

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