Taboo or Myth , Student Unions

It has become a tabboo to show in politic when one is a student. It is considered something to have any connection with violence, kachehri, jail yatras and many other mythical consequences that have their basis in nothing but myths created by state agents to protect the political hegemony of the state.


However, the reality shown is merely an abuse of reality. Student unions are far from anything connected with violence for the Policy maker segment does this job well. Albeit students have a history resistance against state exploitation of all segments of society. However, when our rights infringed no one but studens alone stand for them. This was seen some two years ago when students from lahore in the Faiz Mela chanted slogans that then ignited a strong and dedicated student struggle for restoration of our constitutional right of The STUDENT UNION. These youth have since only multiplied throughout the country.


History of student politics is an ocean and requires chapters to be written on. However, history will not be the focus here. Rather, it is the question of importance and the extent to which importance of THE STUDENT UNIONS extends.


To give a brief understanding, student unions are councils within the educational institutes that are supposed to work as agents of students. Representation of students shall include but not be limited to make sure that demands of students within an institute are rightfully heard and dealt with, making sure that universities do not exploit any given circumstances of students for the purpose of maximizing profits at cost of students, helping management to ensure a safer environment at campuses (eg. anti harasment committees) and numerous other matters of importance within an institute.


However, this role does not stay limited within the boundaries of universities as it hss been these unions in the past giving a tough time to the regimes that toppled the democractic or at least civil governments by withholding and abrogating the constitution of the country. To no astonishment, Pakistan under almost all military dictatorships saw its jails filled with students side by side with resisting forces from different segment of society. The numbers of such prisoners rose so much that the jails went scarce in accomodating its guests.


Even though this is a new century with new faces, but what remains the same is the exploitative nature of the system. The exploitation by the policy makers cum investors cum agents of the western run international economics is still the same as it was in 70s when the neoliberal policies came to the face of the world. With scenarios changing the gound realities are still the same. For this is a matter of principle of these neoliberal policies and not the faces we see changing.




The only answer I know is Struggle till the destination arrives. Until we attain what is ours we cannot stop for we have no other way out of this system of profit making at the cost of taxpayer- those who bear no interest in the aims of policy makers.


Almighty opens doors to those who look for a way out. With another year, this struggle will see a new rage with better results this time. As the black day of 9th february approaches us we shall prepare ourselves to be united on streets against deliberate crimes of state against us.

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