Students from Hamdard School of Law announce protest against the administration

Report: Laiba Ali 

Karachi: The students from Hamdard School of Law have called for a protest on 19th of September at the main university gate against the expulsion of several students after they asked the administration to comply with the policy put forward by the Pakistan Bar Council and Higher Education Commission.

According to students, the university administration has failed 50% of the students and asked them to retake the exams in 3 to 4 days. As per the HEC policy, the students are demanding the summer semester for those who were unable to clear any of the courses. The students told The Students’ Herald that instead of listening to their grievances, the administration is threatening and harassing those who are reminding them of the official procedure in place.

Students are demanding that the notification of expulsions be immediately revoked by the authorities and those who got targeted unfairly are reinstated. Furthermore, the administration should fully comply with the policies and statutes of HEC which are in place. The students vow to fight till their demands are met and their fellows reinstated.

Progressive Students Collective’s General Secretary, Virsa Pirzado, has expressed deep concern over this behavior of the university administration. “Decisions are always imposed on students although they are in majority in every institution and get directly influenced by these measures. It is therefore necessary for them to have a say in the administrative policies and the administration must not take up the role of a dictatorial authority. We extend our full support to the students of Hamdard School of Law who are going to hold a protest on Monday,” remarked Virsa Pirzado.