Students deserve respect

Husna Rashid

“Student ki bhi koi izzat huti haibala, Student tu huta hi baizat hunay ka liya hai”

Every one of us has heard these sentences in our lives, but the pity is most of us responds it with aloud laugh. Because it is normal if a teacher scolds you or insults you in front of the whole class, whether it is because of your low grades in tests, or you get stuck in a presentation, or when you are unable to answer a question asked in mid of a lecture.

I remember, when I was in Kinder Garden, there was not even a single day,I

have been not physically punished, I was even blamed for it, so for me and for many of us it begins from school. Especially if you are in a government school, where the teacher usually has full authority over the student, and it continues with changing its forms at different levels. In school the student is punished physically in turn he /she is mentally tortured. The student is constantly realized that he/she is the responsible one for all this. The image, “that I am incapable or doubt on our abilities”, is created about oneself with the help of teachers, one carries with ourselves further throughout the entire life. Then in college already been in the pressure cooker for the career from parents side, students are targeted directly for their studies,if they are best in studies then you have a career but if you are not good in any subject then you do not have any prospect of a bright future, especially if you are a medical or engineering student you have value, you are genius but if you are not then you are not genius or talented. Moving to university it changes its shape fully and comes in its full form, with a more effective tool i.e at university they don’t slap you,they use rough language, the remarks especially; what they consider positive criticism is the most hurtful,they degrade you, sometimes make fun of you and you become sort of entertainment for whole class. Reading your paper or test sheet in front of whole class not for any better outcome but to have some fun time. This has the most long-lasting effect than the marks of being physically beaten up. It stays in our lives, it remains with us throughout our whole life.

Apparently, it means nothing to us, we don’t take it seriously and we don’t even consider it an issue but the consequences of it what we face in our practical life. Lack of confidence, self-blaming, doubts and majorly mental health issues. There are so many people with brilliant ideas but they do not consider them worthy. This self-doubt is one of the factors which is preventing them from taking the idea on screen. Second,l we used to proceed with this abusing culture through our generation, because we believe we have suffered and now they need to endure the pain the same way, and it continues on destructing our generations over and over. Also throughout our education tenure, our confidence is shattered at the time and then they say; she/he lack confidence, she is shy and in some cases, they blame his /her nature.

There are phenomenal teachers that we come across in our life and we learn a lot from them but there are numbers of teachers who at the same time damage us. Just as a tiny black spot is more visible on a white sheet same is the case with our mind, the negative things used to impact us more and long-lasting.There should be positive criticism, guidance so the student can learn and work on his mistakes and have hope for a better future rather than losing hope. Because at the end ‘STUDENTS are the FUTURE’

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