Exploring Self

By: Usama Malick

”If you don’t like the road you are walking, start paving another one.” [Dolly Parton]

Miscellaneous research studies affirm this thing that there are very few people who do jobs or businesses they are interested in, whereas the majority of people, driven by the ongoing fads of society, tend to opt for jobs and somehow subjects as well they have hardly thought of. With such an attitude, making claims to achieve anything valuable in life seems hollow. In our country, the fields of medicine, engineering and technology are glorified and presented as the only means to make headway in life without realizing the fact whether the enrolled students find these fields as per their wishes or not.

Recently, I came across an authentic video in which a Pakistani medical student has made a prototype of an electric motorcycle. Federal Minister for science and technology Fawad Chaudhry as well as other notable government officials were also seen in the video and the student was briefing them about the specifics of the prototype.  The Minister and others were surprised at the end when they came to know that the main genius behind the formation of the electric motorcycle was not an engineering student, rather a medical student. Inspired by the world’s incumbent richest man Elon Musk, the student revealed that he had read many books on engineering to develop this prototype. Thanks to Elon Musk who made the student realize his real passion in his life.

Every year when universities all across Pakistan open their admissions, an enormous number of students apply to get themselves enrolled in various degree programs. Over the years, it’s been observed that 80 to 90 per cent of students apply to more than the one-degree program. As the merits of programs offered by the universities of metropolitan cities like Lahore and Karachi are outstandingly high, most of the students scarcely get admission in their desired degree program. Enrolled in subjects, which seem strange to them, students spend two to four years in universities mostly studying those subjects which are in opposition to their interests and wishes. This trend has gained momentum in the most recent years landing the students in a perpetual state of stress. However, the core responsibility lies on the shoulders of students who in the first place must not enrol themselves in those programs of which they don’t have any knowledge.

People should choose subjects in their student life from which they don’t get bored while studying, and in their practical life look for jobs they think won’t exhaust them. Every human being is born with one or another unique talent. Some have amazing managerial, technical and problem-solving skills whereas others have stunning prowess in writing, analyzing and maintaining law and order. Once people find themselves in the right place, they evolve not only gradually but also at a very high pace.  If every morning you wake up with a sense of happiness for choosing a particular job, no matter what the nature of your work is, that’s ultimately the right job for you.

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