Progressive Students Collective calls for a protest in Lahore over Sunaid Dawar’s murder


Report: Aneeqa Sikandar

Progressive Students Collective has given the call for a protest against the brutal murder of student and activist, Sunaid Dawar. According to the central spokesperson of PSC, Muqqadas Jarral, the demonstration will take place on Liberty Roundabout at around 5pm on June 20. The protest will be organised in collaboration with Pashtoon Student Movement and Haqkook e Khalq Party.


Sunaid Dawar, a student of seventh semester at the University of Lahore was martyred along with three other Pushtoon students in Haiderkhel, North Waziristan later last night. He had been a vocal Pashtoon rights activist as well as a dynamic student leader. His killing has attracted widespread condemnation from political figures and civil society activists around the country.


In a statement, Vice President Progressive Students Collective, Ali Raza has strongly denounced the murder, saying that while the law enforcement agencies take up the lion’s share of our finances, they fail to protect us either externally or internally. He has requested all political parties and civil society members, as well as students, to gather today on Liberty Roundabout at 5pm in order to record their protest.


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