LUMHS exam policy

LUMHS Exam Policy

Sooraj Kumar

In this pandemic situation, online education is the need; but quality education should be there to facilitate the students in a better Way. Everyone knows about the online system of our country…not only students but the teachers are also facing problems….long story short we want quality education. Plus there is no shortcut in medical Education. ‘Promotion Without Exams’ will be a very big loss of students.

Our few concerns are listed below:

1) Online Classes should be properly conducted with OPDs, because without OPD, medical education is worthless or impossible. We can’t ignore OPDs. There should be a proper time table of everything and administration should develop a “Learning Website” and improve the IT department. With online classes, lectures should be provided in a recorded form.

The alternative form of OPDs is that the institution should finish the syllabus online and before exam, the OPDs should be scheduled for three to four months (not online).

2) Attendance and internal evaluation have turned into major issues these days and these should not be compulsory anymore (relaxation considering the circumstances).

3) Students are not using anything or availing any facility from college so there should be concession in annual fee…complete or full remission of transportation fee and hostel fee.

4) Till now, the result hasn’t been announced from LUMHS, so when will be the Resit Exams and when will be the Annual Proff? Proper curriculum should be issued in this regard with the proper schedule and pattern of exams… So that, students can study and prepare exams accordingly.

The writer is a BDS students at LUMHS, Hyderabad.

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