Empowerment begins at home

Empowerment Begins at Home

Qaanita Shahzad

Hats off for South Asia’s domestic culture! Men being the beings responsible to earn for the family assume it as their only responsibility. I am not denying the fact that to earn is not a piece of cake, it is definitely not easy to bear the boss’ anger, staying engaged with the office work for many hours of the day, putting in all your mental capabilities, being on toes continuously and all that stuff but when the modern men of today talk about “women empowerment” outside the boundary of the house, they need to think again.

Waging public campaigns to empower women seems sensible only if you try to understand the consequences sincerely. Oh men! Listen. A woman is also made up of 206 bones, 650 muscles, 2 hands, 2 legs, 2 arms, 2 feet, a brain and most importantly a pumping HEART! The Creator has also bestowed them with the potential to conquer. They also have hearts. They also have wishes. They wish to succeed .They wish to excel. They wish to compete. They wish to grow. They wish to be better as you men are!

Ok! Let’s say that yes, men favour women empowerment. They agree with the modern ethos that women should be encouraged to work in field. They should be provided with space and environment to work simultaneously with men. They should be allowed to learn and after learning they should go for practical implementation. They also agree with the mindset that

“No career is gender oriented. Careers are oriented for those who excel.”

Why are you being so diplomatic then? Double faced people ruin others’ lives; you allow your women especially your better halves to go and work in the field superficially with ZERO SUPPORT. Let me be clear here that I am talking about the majority trends, not everyone is a part of this hell. Women go to work but with zero support system behind. They try to lean alone on the ladder but the winds of the society wreck them down .the leg pulling attitudes make them mentally depressed! How can they work then?

Being a so called empowered woman , she wakes up at four , prepares for the breakfast , makes her children ready , makes her spouse ready , she has to get ready herself , then cleaning the mess all her little children made , sweeping the house , washing dishes and then at this end , struggling to be on time for office . After being there at nine, she remains engaged equally with the strenuous and demanding job as other men working besides her who effortlessly were there. Even in the break she cannot find time for herself. What drags her till here is only her passion! Taking children back home after leaving the office and again the strenuous routine. Whereas when the men just come home, they only have to rest. This is then what you call EMPOWERED WOMAN. Eventually, most of the women either give up their jobs or those who continue, die before time.

Why a man of today can’t help his wife in house chores? Majority of today’s men have become too arrogant in lending a helping hand to their committed partners.

On a humble note, I want to make them understand that you need to cooperate with your better halves. Be equal! Be sympathetic! Be Men! Take care of your partners. Help them in making their dreams come true. Help them in house chores. They also get tired. Care for them. Behave sensibly. Stop being an immoveable stone on the road. Think again! Understand! Live together! Progress together! Be happy and be contented!

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