Editorial: System Change not Climate Change

Editorial: System Change not Climate Change

The whole world is passing through severe crisis of Covid19. This is crisis of unprecedented nature but humanity will have to face even more severe crises in the future. This is the crisis of climate change. Due to global warming, droughts, cyclones and the incidents of wildfire are increasing rapidly. Heat waves directly kill humans and on the other side extreme weather is destroying crops which is also an indirect death of humans. 

According to the renowned Climate experts, if it continues happening for a decade then this world will not be suitable for human life. In the past few years we have seen some voices concerned about climate change but their suggestions to handle this global level issue were just limited to individual level and steps which are too micro and limited to solve this issue. But in the last two years we have been witnessing an emerging discourse regarding climate change and its assumptions are very much true. They are emphasizing on the structural changes; macro level steps to eliminate the determinants of climate change. But unfortunately these debates are just limited to some climate activists. 

International organizations and a few developed countries are also making SOP’s regarding the use of fossil fuels and the production processes. But they are unable to control these industries. And even if any developed country makes some regulations, these companies shift their beholdings to developing countries.

Firstly, developing countries are too weak to stop these multinational corporations and Secondly they indeed don’t want to do that because of competition. They also think that the developed countries are responsible for this crisis and it should be their responsibility to resolve this issue. 

Magnitude of disaster confronting life on earth is very huge. But ironically still there’s no serious action. Representatives of countries responsible for most of the emissions like United States and China are ignoring the crisis only to continue capitalist production. Unless there are structural changes and treatment of corporate greed, there can be no solution to this serious problem and as a result there will be many extinct species.

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