Youth of Pakistan

By Fida Hussain

We work for a better life
We have our own choice.
Utilitarian society is our dream
power intoxicated must be weaned
We decided to come on the front
We are ready to face and confront
[ We have friends on our back
Vultures like humans must be kept in check
We decided to bring equality
Bringing life to the normality
We determined to revolutionize
education and Political conscience
We are here
So must hear
We are here
We wouldn’t bear!
injustice, crime and bribe
Hunger, disappearance and tears
[We embrace Sindhi, Balochi and sariki
We restore the grace of Pashtuns, Baloch and of Kashmiris
We are students leaders
Not cheerleaders but the readers
We have right on our resources
Let us use your brutal ammunitions and sources
[We are future of this nation
We have will,we have passion

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