Will march to Islamabad if educational issues not solve: CTD chairman Muzamil Kakar

QUETTA: Connect the Disconnected (CTD) Quetta held a zone meeting on May Day, chaired by chairman CTD Muzamil Khan Kakar and in this meeting CTD vice-chairman Naveed-ur-Rahman, Quetta zone coordinator Hikmatullah, CSS coordinators CTD Tariq Khan, Law coordinator Malik khan also took part.

The agenda of the meeting was the educational campaign in different areas of Balochistan, zones structure and meetings and building of new libraries in Quetta and Killabdullah.

Muzamil khan shared his views regarding awareness about education and the campaign being conducted by the organization. He said the education campaign is vital at the moment due to the drawbacks of Covid-19 and the disruption of different educational programs. He expressed his resolve to arrange a long March toward Islamabad to solve student issues in various areas of the country and remove the ban from student union in educational institutions. He mentioned that libraries are essential for our areas because of backwardness and low literacy rate. He added that the only solution to our problems is to remove the communication gap from areas and students and make them able to help each other in different spheres of life. He concluded that CTD organizers would visit different zones In Balochistan in the coming month, start their companies for education, and initiate building libraries in Killa Abdullah and Quetta.

Naveedurahman shared his views about libraries that it’s time for us to start work to build libraries and start our educational campaigns to increase the literacy rate in Balochistan. He exclaimed that they would soon visit various zones of Balochistan for making structures of Ctd.

Hikmatullah CTD Quetta zone coordinator mentioned in his points that it’s time for govt take measures to issues of students and requested from the chancellor, vice-chancellor of the University of Balochistan, chairman Bbise and other authorities to take exams of the students that their precious time and career will not west which is already destroyed by Covid-19, he said that students must their voice for their rights.

CSS coordinator Tariq khan spoke to members that they will soon start their competitive exams seminar in Quetta and other districts of Balochistan to give awareness to students. He said that we will call different CSS qualifiers to give tips to our students for competitive exams.

Law coordinator Malik Khan shared his views about foreign scholarships that there are many opportunities for students of Balochistan abroad, he said that we ought to start online session for students to how to avail that opportunities. He mentioned that soon they will arrange an online session for law admission test to tell students how to take different tests.

Lastly, Hikmatullah paid thanks to all students belongs to different academic backgrounds for taking part in the meeting.

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