US election and 3M strategy

US election and 3M strategy

Noman Mehsud

America who once was leading the UN but today is facing internal political, economic and social unrest. Now there are two major blunders made by Americans which led them to this destructive situation.

Number one, after the cold war with the collapse of USSR, America became arrogant. They should be proud of their victory against the Mighty Soviet Union but they went beyond their victory and a political analyst Francis Fukuyama published an essay ” The end of history “. This essay led the Americans to go to sleep and this was like brain tumour. The second thing they got from this victory was that we don’t need to make progress in science and the art of reasoning and no need to change but it’s the rest of the world that needs to change themselves.


They didn’t pay any heed to the rising economies of Asia, ” China,India and the South East Asian States”. As Napoleon famously said let China sleep but when she wakes, she will shake the world.


The second Blunder they made, including the EU, was to act unilaterally after 9/11 and invaded Afghanistan and Iraq. This move created economic hurdles and social unrest which led to the rise of populist leaders like Donald Trump who exploited the state’s economy, institutions and enhance the racial discrimination etc


Now is the American’s leadership over ? What are the strategies for Americans to return?  Will they come back?

America needs the 3M strategy.

No.1: Minimalist

No.2: Multilateral

No.3 Machiavellian.


Why Minimalists?  America should stop interfering in others’ matters and limit herself for internal issues. With her 4.25% population its it’s unwise to fight for the 95.75 % world by your own resources rather than defending herself from global warming and racial discrimination etc.


Why Multilateral? The United States needs to work with UN Organizations rather than withdrawing or acting unilaterally. The first Iraq war was succeeded, under President Goerge H.W Bush, with multilateral support but the second Iraq war was defeated under junior Bush because the USA acted alone.


Why Machiavelli?  Great America should be their concern but not with protectionism. The Machiavellian point is to make America strong and constrain the new rising powers with multilateral rules, multilateral norms, multilateral institutions and multilateral processes.


Now the world is keenly observing the 3rd November presidential elections whether Trump will be re-elected or Biden will hold the White house. Will they rejuvenate the glorious era of the leadership or will give worse to the world.

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