The Lagged ‘Us’

This content is an overview of us, the people of Balochistan; we are kept the last option. Development, reforms, technologies, opportunities and advancement all start with the major cities of Punjab and Sindh, and we always avail it at last. Not being selfish or sided, but these are some unavoidable facts.

Amidst the provinces, Baluchistan ranks at last in every field and sector. It has the lowest literacy rate, lowest GDP, the lowest rate of industrialisation, lowest budget, lowest job opportunities, lowest quality of education, and lowest living standards. We are almost at down the line on all four sides. 

The cause is not the people are less competent than any other areas but the biased and partial system of the country. All of it starts with Punjab. One may accept or not that is grudgingly true. We yet, don’t avail of the 4G services in the complete Baluchistan. The reason is said to be security purposes. And security purposes are only for Baluchistan; however other provinces lack peace as well. 

We hardly have 4 to 5 universities in Baluchistan, which come in no category of quality ranking. If we compare it to the other provinces, they are in much better conditions in education. 

All of the new projects and advancements start with Punjab, such as Metro Bus, Orange Line; it avails the highest budget, avails the country’s est technologies, and avails the best public institutions and many more.

The reason for such a scenario is ‘vote’. This is the gist of all issues. Baluchistan has a low population. So, it counts at last for anything. In contrast, Punjab has the highest population in the country. So, it is the priority.  Hence, any political party from Baluchistan can never get the chance to rule the country. The government constantly forms from Punjab, scarcely Sindh; therefore, Punjab is the first consideration.

I have no reservation in the facilitation of other provinces, but all should have an equal share of it. Government must not focus only on one side of the country. After all, the citizens of the country must be served equally. 

It may come in practicality at that time when the system of election changes. The election system should be like the US, where each city has a point. Winning of election is not by the total votes instead, it is by more points. 

In this manner, each city of the country will have value in the eyes of politicians. Thence, they may have equal focus on each side.

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