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Remember the time when Scientists, Climate Experts and Academics warned the world about the time bomb of Global Warming? Now, the time has arrived and this year, the earth and its people are already witnessing its horrors in the form of destruction which shook the world’s most developed states. Now one cannot deny the fact that Climate Change is a reality, not a fiction.


Maria Van Kerkhove, a World Health Organization epidemiologist was in her Geneva Office when she reminded the world with her keynote speech to have a reality check!
She further added that, We are getting further away from the end than we should be. We are in a bad place right now globally.”

Francis S. Collins, Director of the National Institutes of Health said, “It’s like we have been to this movie several times in the last year and a half, and it doesn’t end well. Somehow we are running the tape again. It’s all predictable.”

The Rise in Global Temperatures:

The globe has just experienced the fourth warmest June on record with temperatures of 0.2 degrees Celsius above the 1991-2020 average.
– Siberia: The city of Yakutsk hit a new record 35.1 degrees in June, 2021.
– Finland: The capital Helsinki hit a new high record by witnessing the heat of 37.1 degrees.
– Canada: The town of Lytton made headlines after hitting the record heat with 49.6 degrees.

The month of July, 2021 is the proof of all the research and analyses presented to detect and investigate the possible rise of future natural disasters in the form of the rise of earth’s temperature. Unfortunately, the International System in particular, Capitalists failed to prevent today’s horrors as they paid no attention to the contemporary climate crises.
What, when, how and where exactly climate change left its disastrous results, let’s take a look at the developed states’ current alarming scenario.


The Western Germany witnessed the deadly and record rainfall floods which caused devastating floods. According to the rescue teams and authorities, atleast 150 people are still missing whereas 674 people are badly wounded. In Ahr valley and North Rhine-Westphalia around 40,000 people are badly affected by the floods.
Other extremely important challenges for German Government is the food insecurity and lack of access of electricity, gas and clean drinking water in the affected areas. The world watched the videos released by Europe’s leading news channels in which people screaming and crying for help as they saw their houses badly destroying in front of their eyes and they were helpless to prevent the possible nightmare.

Economic Crisis caused by floods:

According to the trade Union of physicians of Germany, The Marburger Bund, the shortage of medical supplies is a challenge to deal with due to the closure of medical practices in the areas of Rhineland. The shocking figure of financial damage has been estimated by The German Insurance Association which is around 4 Billion Euro to 5 Billion Euro.


The southern Dutch province, Limburg was hit with the highly devastating flooding of the decade. Around 700 homes were damaged in the town of Valkenburg. The town’s Mayor Daan Prevoo said, the current flooding has caused around 400 Million Euros in damage to business, homes and property destruction. No casualties have been reported in any part of the town.  


The Capital of China’s Henan Province, Zhengzhou experienced a heavy rainfall which then resulted in deadly destructive floods. The capital has already experienced 25 casualties and left many affected. The Capital is renowned for its developed infrastructure like, train tracks, thriving trade markets and industries is now exhibiting horrors of the devastation caused by the recent floods. People’s Liberation Army has sent more than 5,000 personnel and soldiers to rescue the people.


The debate to analyze the strategies, planning and safety mechanism regarding the river protection and system has already begun in Belgium when the country faced the current challenges of extreme flooding. The flood has already caused 31 casualties in the town of Pepinster, near Liege.

The Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo grieved over the loss of innocent lives and also concerned by mentioning that, the country has never seen such circumstances before.

The most alarming point is that the eastern town of Verviers, the swollen river is still a threat to the livelihood of many and still rushing towards the areas. Belgium’s King and Queen also visited the affected town of Liege. Whereas, Belgium has called the European allies like, France, Italy and Austria to work under the European Union’s Civil Protection Mechanism to tackle the contemporary crisis.  

The United States Of America And The Challenges Of Wildfires:

The western parts of America are facing the contemporary issue of wildfires due to the heatwaves and dry weather conditions which are at rise at an alarming rate. The largest and deadliest wildfire happened in the Oregon, The Bootleg Fire, which covered almost 468 square miles.  
The Tamarack fire, near Lake Tahoe, resulted in the forced migration due to the destruction of residential areas. The Dixie Fire in California, continues reaching towards the northeast.
John Flannigan, an operations section Chief with the Oregon Department of Forestry said,“The Weather is really against us.”

The above reports clearly exhibit the severity of the contemporary challenge of Climate Change. The World’s most developed states with the best Research Centres, infrastructure, facilities, civil protection mechanism, strategies and good governance are now facing the destruction due to heavy rainfall and floods with economic and humanitarian crises which may as experts mentioned need years to recover from. Now arises an extremely important question, what about the Developing Countries? Are they examining or learning from the Europe, United States of America or China’s current climate crisis or not? Are they planning to come up with better civil protection strategies amid the possible future rainfall and floods which are now more destructive in nature due to the rise of global temperature. Are they operating with the sustainability plan for a better future of their people?
It’s time for an action to save the planet from the leading challenge as Earth is our only home.

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