Baluchistan Students Woes

Baluchistan Students Woes


Internet is a crucial facility in today’s modern world and has become a basic need for all of us. Sadly, for last five years, the students of Baluchistan’s districts are deprived of basic internet facility. Meanwhile HEC (Higher Education Commission) announced to initiate online classes in the universities owing to outbreak of covid-19 pandemic. Universities of numerous district has failed to conduct online classes because of weak or almost no internet facility. Continue reading “Baluchistan Students Woes”

Students-Worker Solidarity: Resisting Subcontracting at LUMS

Student-Worker Solidarity: Resisting Subcontracting at LUMS

Kumail Haider Jafri

In April 2019 a protest was organized at Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) where workers demanded salaries to be handed over to them before the Easter holiday. Students soon joined the protest and workers were able to get their salaries before day’s end. Having been successful, the protest laid essential ground for a previously absent bond between the students and the workers. This solidarity soon turned into a fight against the system of subcontracting. The workers demanded that they be directly hired by the university, instead of having to work for a subcontractor and the students stood alongside their fellow workers in this demand. A year on, the struggle continues. Continue reading “Student-Worker Solidarity: Resisting Subcontracting at LUMS”

Reimagining a Labour- Student Nexus in a Post-Colonial Reality

Reimagining a Labour- Student Nexus in a Post-Colonial Reality

Ali Bahram Khan Gadhi and Arshia Shoaib Khawaja

Working class and students are the most important subjects of left wing politics, but  in recent times we have also seen a growing number of right wing groups like TLP which are very much active and have social bases in working class communities. This significant fact has a great historical value. During the last thirty years,Left wing has lacked  capability to fulfil the gap between working class and social bases within the working class communities. Historically, the left has been underdeveloped in our country.

Continue reading “Reimagining a Labour- Student Nexus in a Post-Colonial Reality”