Student Solidarity March

Progressive Students Collective is holding Students Solidarity March on 26th November across Pakistan. Students Solidarity march is held annually to demand an end to the ban on student unions, functional Harassment Committees on Campuses and access to education for everyone including fees reimbursements and scholarships.
Student Unions were banned in 1984 by the then Military Dictator Zia UL HAQ. History is a testament to the fact that Student Unions were a vital resisting force against authoritarianism. Dictators were afraid of Student Unions because they were acting as nurseries for democracy. Movement for the Restoration of Democracy was also led by different Student and Trade Unions. When Gen Zia accidentally died, democracy was restored and also the hope for the restoration of student unions. . The Benazir Govt was short-lived and so does the temporary unban on Student Unions. The highest Court of Pakistan ordered in 1993 the state to amend and make new laws for the proper functioning of Student Unions which to date remains in limbo.
Progressive Students Collective has vowed to struggle and strive till the restoration of Student Unions. The Student Solidarity March first of its kind was held in 2018 in Lahore which many of us no longer remember now but those Comrades were the pioneers of the modern students movement of Pakistan.
In February of 2019, a Video of PSC Comrades chanting slogans of “Azadi” freedom at Faiz International Festival went viral which made our cause more prominent. In November of that year, We saw Students Solidarity March being held across more than 50 cities of Pakistan demanding The Restoration of Student Unions. This huge Countrywide strike jolted the corridors of power which lead to the Prime Minister, his Cabinet and Other Political Parties pledging to revive Student Unions.
During the pandemic of Covid19, we saw Students struggling to study due to the fragile online classes. There were massive strikes despite Lockdown restrictions because of the Unannounced fee hike, the students were required to submit fees even when they were not utilizing any services on Campus.
Recently, PSC held its second annual elections of its Central Cabinet where each member was elected from after voting, unlike other organizations where nepotism and favoritism is the norm and democracy only exists by name. Comrade Qaiser and Comrade Virsa were elected as President and General Secretary of the organization, respectively. 
Students from all over Pakistan have the power and the means to bring out the revolutionary fervor in order to Change and set a new course of action for the Future. Your actions, Your Collectiveness is the need of the hour and Together we will. Join PSC in your cities, contact them on their social media pages they are all keen to work for the larger cause.

Laal Salam.

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