Student assaulted & suspended at FCCU Lahore







A student named James, was beaten up on campus by a brother of the FCCU proctor during this week.

According to the sources, James got into an argument with the aforementioned proctor. The proctor accused him of smoking on campus which he denied; the proctor asked his name which was instantly followed by a question on his religion. James protested the irrelevance of the question. This got the proctor infuriated, followed by his brother who physically attacked the student. Subsequently, James admission at the university was cancelled.

Progressive students of the university gathered in solidarity with their fellow and condemned the administration’s actions against their fellow.

Afrasiab, a student at FCCU and President of Progressive Students Collective FCCU chapter, alleged the university administration of discriminating against minorities and the harassing students on the basis of their personal beliefs. He asserted that this incident revealed the growing biases of the administration. ‘This was a blatant abuse of power by the proctor and his brother and we all strongly condemn it’, He said.

The students further accused the administration of victim blaming after the student James was given a suspension. FCC students demanded an end to the verbal and physical abuse by the proctor, whose only duty is to maintain discipline on campus.

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