Stop Blaming

By Husna Rashid

It happened when I was in class fifth but the memory is as fresh as it happened yesterday.

It was a bad touch, no it was more than that, I don’t know, in which category should I put this. At that stage when it happened I felt it is not a big deal, don’t tell anyone not because I was afraid of the person but because my parent reaction would restrict me and I’ll be the responsible one, so I simply IGNORED the incident. It was so simple for me at that time to ignore it and move on but it is as difficult today to even think of that. Life was good but one day coming back from the academy with my father a man offered a lift to my father because he was on good terms with my father and my father accepted it. At that moment I felt pity not for myself but for my father. The most helpless moment of my life ….O God…I Love my father more than myself. I kept everything in disguise, he didn’t become aware of that.

I don’t know who to blame; myself? because I didn’t take it seriously at that stage or my parents? Who is responsible but the one who to be surely accused is that person.

I was young at that age but girls and even boys in university used to suffer from this. The greater threat to girls due to which they keep it secret; is that they are compelled to sit at home and marry someone. And the pain they feel by keeping it secret is only known to those who keep it.

Just want to say one thing….at least be that open to your children or anyone in your family that when they share something with you don’t make them regret it. sometimes we feel we are doing the right thing or we are helping but in this process, we make it more miserable for the one whom we are helping.

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