PSC Hyderabad among six student bodies to form the Hyderabad Students Alliance

Hyderabad : Progressive Students Collective is among six student organizations who have formed the Hyderabad Students Alliance to address the issue of harassment faced by women on campuses as well as the recent raise in tuition fees.

The other organizations in the coalition include Progressive Students Federation, Revolutionary Students Front, Sindhi Students Organization, Sindhi Shagird Tehreek and National Students Federation.


The main objective of the alliance is to advocate for the rights of students and put pressure on the concerned authorities regarding issues of harassment and fee hikes. The members aim to address the dire need of uplifting the ban on Student Unions, imposed by a dictator, to involve the youth in ideological and political debates.

President Progressive Students Collective Hyderabad Saghur Sarwaich has told TSH that the major objective of the alliance is to get different student bodies on the same page regarding issues faced by students on campuses. He hopes that through this platform, student representatives would be able to push their demands for the formation of sexaul harassment committees in educational institutes as well as counter the privatisation of academia.