PSC calls out Punjab University adminstration on its insensitive examination policy for flood affected students

Report/Hamza Saeed

Punjab University has issued a notification addressed to students in flood affected areas who desire not to appear in the upcoming examinations to send written consent emails with attached documents for special exams. The university administration, however, forgot to consider the fact that the people in the flooded areas are still struggling to get basic necessities like food and shelter; expecting them to have proper internet facilities to send emails to the administration is beyond absurd. lightroom crack

Shahrukh Khan, a student of Quaid e Azam Law College, an affiliated college of PU,  has expressed disappointment over the attitude of administration. “A third of Pakistan is under water. Infrastructure lies in tatters. I cannot imagine how someone came up with the idea that people who had their homes washed away by gushing waters, would wade through miles to be able to secure a functional internet connection. We expect a little more sensitivity, and sensibility, from our institutions.” easy worship 6

Journalist Hamid Mir took to twitter to criticize this insensitive step by the university administration and lectured them on their sheer indifference towards the scale of destruction and deprivation in flood affected areas.Sana Bucha also mocked the authorities for issuing such a ludicrous notification.

Progressive Students’ Collective Vice President Ali Raza has condemned this step by Punjab university. “This shows how insensitive the authorities are of the suffering masses. They hardly have access to food, people have lost their homes and instead of listening to their grievances, the authorities are mocking them by expecting the students in those regions to send emails,” says Ali Raza.  idm 630 build 6 crack

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