On racial discrimination

On racial discrimination

Ateeqa Atia Ul Musawar

Why did our heart throb with pain at the brutal murder of George Floyd? Why did we put scornful and loathsome expressions for white people in United States of America? “Black lives matter.” Do we really wonder about that it is the only slogan which needs to be buzzing for the annihilation of stereotype of racial discrimination? Why do we have prodigious emotions when we read Long Walk Through Freedom by Nelson Mandela? Strong emotions peeped out of body through the tender layers of eyes when we study with fully fledged endorsed sentiments having the mish mash of both contempt and destitute. Do we really think we are in innocuous pace if we don’t own sooty and black color behind the layers of our skin?

We always have had long and short historical periods based on wars but not always the wars based on condemnable deeds of massacre, genocide spin around the dark clouds of racial discrimination only upon the black color of the skin. Sometimes there had been the existence of Iqbal Mashie who was really not brutally murdered on the sole reason of having black color but rather prevailing an awareness to abort child labour, nip down the abduction of children and molestation wholly from the roots of states by feeding his struggle through his blood. The brutal murder, genocide, massacre not always reached to the pinnacle of its growth that kisses the sky wholly embedded in skin color but ethnic and religious disintegration too give the birth to the protests globally and tyrannical air.

The Hindutva in Bharat or the gigantic monster in Hindustan had created intransigent atmosphere for the Muslim Community. They had ferociously murdered and injured Muslims in thousands of numbers regardless of color but solely based on religious fragmentation. Conspiracy has been devised through the CAA called Citizenship Amendment Act 2019 in Bharat to plot a net in order to catch their victims labelled with the tag of Muslims. Those Hindus had left no stone unturned to snatch the citizenship of each and every Muslim even he or she is a toddler, a docile woman, even a paralyzed aged man. No, they did not had left any stone unturned to demolish the identity of Muslims which still show case the portrait of Colonialism and consequences of British Raj in Sub-continent. The manner with which British Raj endowed the Sub-continent over Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, in the same way the Hindutva community and majorly the Bharat Janata Party had produced such circumstances in which the Muslim community had to drink hot water no matter what. Color of the skin does not always define the boundaries to hit and injured the other subordinate community.

What about Syria, Jerusalem, Palestine where Muslim community are being slaughtered at routine basis. Why does not the whole world sob to such extent as it occurred in USA and now in other countries of the world as Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudo himself engaged in the protest with others likewise in Paris millions of people gathered to protest against the racial discrimination. Why does always skin color racial discrimination give the birth to such hue and cry that the pitch of their voices tremble the sky? Does the ethnic and religious racial discrimination never create the distress within the layers of solace environment and bloodlines of community. Kashmiris have been sabotage on daily basis at heaven of the earth at an occupied Kashmir by the spurious acts of Hindus. Even the Kashmiris possess much fair complexion and white colored skin than sergeants of Indian loaded with weapons and hatred face masks. No idea how many Burhan Wani lose their breaths at the soil of Kashmiris regardless of reason of tone of their skin is white. They are not allowed to offer their prayers even under the strict restrictions of curfew. It seems as the people are possessing countable breathes which can be surrendered at any time at any cost. Price have been paid to these monsters under the shadow of racial prejudice in form of daughters, crawling children, old aged man even the pregnant women. Picture of protest has been generated within the canvass of discrimination by Sikh people of Khalistan. History repeats itself again and again in which nations strive for their rights, their identity, so that their identity cannot be nip down wholly due to racial discrimination. Even if we talk about either the lack Africans at Congo which became the victims of Colonialism and repercussions have to be faced by entire universe of post colonialism.

George Floyd’s death has triggered the world wide the protest in USA even later if it has been declared that homicide has been occurred after the post mortem report. The 46 years old George Floyd suffered from cardiac arrest while he was being restrained by Minneapolis police. President Trump asked the Military to dominate over the protestors. Social unrest has been spread worldwide despite the severity of Pandemic Covid-19 beyond in reaction against the police killing of an African American, George Floyd who was an unarmed. All this leads to racial inequality at more speed and gives the birth to the other racial prejudice as well. Racial discrimination itself woes dark tone regardless of religion, ethnic, caste, color creed.  To cut the whole story short always color of the skin does not define the demarcated limits of racial prejudice. Racial discrimination is colorless; it becomes at any time be the predator for even George Floyd in USA, Burhan Wani in Kashmir, Iqbal Masshei in Pakistan.


The writer is a student of law at Punjab University.

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