Medical Students Protest Against PMC in Lahore


Report: Moin Khan

Pre-medical Students held a protest leading to sit-in against PMC act. It was held in front of Governor House Lahore yesterday.

A large number of medical students participated in the protest. It was also joined by student activists from Progressive Students Collective and Chairman Student Action Committee Muzzamil Khan was also there.

Earlier in December, a press conference of medical students was held in Islamabad against PMC act and poorly conducted Mdcat of 2020. Medical aspirants expressed their problems during the press conference. While addressing the press conference one of the medical aspirants told that when PMDC came in existence their first announcement regarding the students was that a national level MDCAT test was to be held. Students got worried about that. But soon they were relaxed when PMC released a notification saying that this year we were not going to have a national level course instead all the students might carry on their studies from provincial courses. But on 19th of October students were shocked when they saw that PMC has copied NUMS(National University of Medical Sciences) federal board syllabus. Subsequently, students stood up and protested they filed a case and after that, the court ordered PMC to have a meeting with students. On the 6th of November, the meeting of students was held with the President of the PMC Dr Irshad Taqi. One of the students told TSH, “We presented our demands in the meeting but still they’re not serious about the issue”. Another student added, “questions were out of syllabus” and further she told that we worked hard but the government is not serious about the future of medical students.”

Ali Abdullah, General Secretary of Progressive Students Collective Lahore, who was present in the sit-in against PMC told TSH, “PMC is playing with the future of thousands of students that too for making money. PSC stands in solidarity with the medical students protesting against PMC across the country”.

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