LUMS has raised its fee by 41% and people are not taking it lightly

The administration of the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) has reportedly increased its semester fee by a 41 percent without communicating it to students.

News has been circulating on social media that the university has ‘manipulated’ the credit hour (CH) calculation to increase its fee by up to Rs140,000.

News of the fee hike attracted widespread condemnation on social media. People noted the massive increase in tuition fee, which has come in the middle of a global pandemic – a time when campuses are closed and classes have moved online.

Students and academics widely condemned the news.

Students are worried about how their parents will afford their education with the latest hike
People are raising questions about LUMS fee policy
LUMS also became the target of pandemic memes
People began questioning what were they actually paying for with the latest hike in tuition fee
LUMS seems to be on the wrong side of things
LUMS is not the only university which is charging more tuition and this is not a good sign.

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