LUMS Students Protest Against Onnline Classes

LUMS Students Protest Against Onnline Classes

Yesterday at LUMS a considerable amount of student protestors descended upon the campus at around 1pm. Students demanded that the campus be opened safely as soon as possible.

They wanted an update on what the admins strategy is regarding reopening,

considering how the campus has remained closed for the past 7 months giving the administration a considerable amount of time to plan.

LUMS Students Protest Against Onnline Classes

As the protest began to grow in size, eventually around 250 students entered the campus and demanded to meet the Vice Chancellor. The administration welcomed  the students, and distributed juice boxes in an attempt to calm them down.

A considerably long debate ensued between the administration and the student protests in front of “LUMS Khoka”. The administration conceded to the fact that they failed to update the student body on their progress regarding reopening the campus safely. In addition to that they admitted that they could have handled the situation better, by communicating with the students on a regular basis and apologize for not replying to students emails.

LUMS Students Protest Against Onnline Classes

Towards the end of the protest the Vice Chancellor stated that he was willing to have another round of negotiations and is open to suggestions from students. Students proceeded to ask him questions in front of the crowd, that in a commendable show of discipline and dedication, refused to leave until their demands were heard and acknowledged despite the scorching afternoon heat.

The admin assured the protestors that they are doing everything in their power to open the campus safely by Spring 2021, and that they would improve the flow of communication between the students and the administration.

All SOPs and rules regarding  social distancing were followed by protestors, demonstrating that they are willing to cooperate if the campus does re-open.

Progressive Students Collective’s President Mohsin Abdali while talking to Students Herald express complete Solidarity with LUMS students and demands immediate opening of Campus.

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