Lahore: Rally Against Isreali Oppression in Palestine

A rally was organized jointly by the Progressive Students Collective and HKP from Lahore’s Bilal Ganj to Data Darbar to show solidarity with Palestinians who faced fathomless oppression at the hands of Isreali forces by the start of this Ramadan.

The rally was attended by a large number of citizens associated with the left. They chanted slogans against Israel, America and American imperialism. The speakers included former student campaigner and activist Advocate Haider Ali Butt, student leader Ali Bahram Khan, community organizer Rana Tayyab , HKP leader Umar Zamran Saeed, and last but not the least Vice President of PSC Ali Raza.

In their speeches, they condemned Israeli atrocities against the oppressed Palestinians and criticized the international establishment including the United States and also international organizations like the UN for their questionable role regarding the Israel-Palestine conflict.

The rally was followed by a meeting with the local organizers of the HKP and decisions were made to further organizing work and political activities in Androon Lahore.

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