Shehryar Lak

A country is the reflection of its people. Even the smallest amount of effort by the people helps in shoring up the nation. China has made massive progress in a short period. Additionally, they have directed their effort toward the development of their indigenous, and China today is seen as an emerging superpower. If China has achieved this hallmark in a few decades, every country can do it. People are key sources to construct the nations and destroy them as well. In Pakistan, the paucity of the rational approach among the people complicates the future. Moreover, reluctance to change with the capricious world is hampering progress. It is an undeniable fact that exercising the archaic way of life by people is hazardous for the country & future. Thus, illiterate, uninformed, and conservative people have worsened the future of the country. 

To begin with, illiteracy among the people retards the progress of the country. It triggers out many troubles for nations. Firstly, it augments unemployment. Unemployment further constraints the growth of the country towards progress. Secondly, it restricts people from developing rational thought. Therefore, illiterate people are not capable of formulating their decisions. They just follow the path which has been provided by others. Thirdly, the escalation of crimes results from illiteracy. China has 5% of illiterate people, on the contrary, Pakistan has 40% of illiterate people. The massive literacy rate of China laid the foundation for its progress. In essence, illiteracy is the biggest factor that is keeping the nations backward. 

Firstly, unemployment plays a tremendous role in keeping countries backward. To begin with, the high rate of unemployment demonstrates the crumbling of the economy. Furthermore, it reduces the GDP of the countries. Likewise, it accelerates social problems and political instability. Wheels of progress cannot move smoothly because of these complications. For instance, America has a 5% crime rate due to a high literacy rate Whereas, Pakistan has a crime rate of 47%. Hence, unemployment keeps nations backward. 

Secondly, the paucity of rational thinking has adverse effects on people as well as on nations. Primarily, it deters the growth of the questioning behavior among the people. Therefore, people are unable to object to the policies of the government. Secondly, people are unable to formulate their decisions owing to a lack of rational thinking. Thirdly, people turn a deaf ear to the surroundings littered with miseries and consider this gruesome predicament as a fate. Thus, the fewness of rational thinking and prosperity cannot move parallel. 

Another reason, conservative people thwart the growth of nations. A nation cannot make a head forward toward prosperity in the abundance of conservative people. They restrict the freedom of people. Certainly, the freedom of the people accelerates the economy. Therefore, the lack of freedom brings the economy into jeopardy. Furthermore, conservatism among people lays the firm foundation of a society based on inequality. Resultantly, discontent, and a sense of deprivation are inevitable among people in a society grounded on injustice and inequality. Finally, conservative people hamper the liberty of women. Likewise, they don’t allow them to attain education. A woman occupies almost half the population in one country. If she is coerced to remain at home; the country cannot forge ahead. Thus, conservatism keeps the nations backward by unbalanced society, lack of freedom, and gender disparity. 

Initially, the dearth of freedom impedes the growth of the country. It creates manifold problems. Firstly, it puts the economy in shambles. Furthermore, the crumbling of the economy reduces job opportunities for individuals. Likewise, scarcity of freedom deters foreign investment in the country. Additionally, political instability stems from the paucity of freedom. For instance, turbulent periods of military coups in Pakistan hinder the growth of the economy and triggers political instability at Large. 

Secondly, an unbalanced society is a looming issue among all the failed states. To begin with, an unequal society sows the seeds of injustice. Certainly, nations cannot make progress for long in the presence of injustice. For instance, Russia had been shattered due to injustices dined on its states of Russia. It also inflates the sensation of discontent and deprivation among people. Resultantly, the trust of the people on government flatters. Finally, it creates troubles for religious minorities. For instance, Pakistan is depriving the Hindus of their legal right to have religious institutes. Thus, a society based on inequality is the root cause of the failure of states. 

Thirdly, gender disparity escalates troubles not only for women but also keeps the nations backward. Women are in the majority in one country. Then the illiteracy of women is the trouble for the country. Also, gender disparity has limited their freedom and bounded them to remain at homes. For instance, China has an illiteracy rate for women of 3%, whereas 55% of women are illiterate in Pakistan. Thus, gender disparity keeps nations backward. 

Yet another reason, following the outdated way of life by people put the future of the country in shambles. Archaic ways of production entail hard labor. In the age of industrialism, one cannot progress by following outdated ways. It exploits the lower class of society. They have to work assiduously and the output is barely enough. Furthermore, despite having tough work, the wages of the working class are low. Thus, an obsolete way of life halts the growth of the country. 

Furthermore, hard labor inflicts deep wounds on human development as well as the nation. Hard labor exploits their skills. It keeps the people away from getting an education. It uses skillful people as an instrument to produce products. By hard labor, the country progresses economically but the development of the individual’s lags behind. In addition to this, exploitation of the lower rung of society is more hazardous for the future of the country. It brings political instability in the country. For instance, the Russian revolution resulted from the rebellion of the proletariat. Additionally, it escalates social ills in society. Thus, the country cannot forge ahead toward progress with its exploited labor. To conclude, as there is a light on the other end of the tunnel, there is a glimmer of hope in exterminating the exercise of outdated practices and culture. It is better to do away with the backwardness of the people to get rid of the backwardness of the nation.

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