Female student at University of Faisalabad attempts suicide after threats from the administration

A female student from the University of Faisalabad attempted suicide the previous morning by jumping from the third floor of her hostel building as per the witnesses. 

The student had, allegedly, failed an anatomy test earlier after which the university administration sent her results directly to her home to threaten her. The anxious student, not being able to bear the burden, jumped from the building.

The university fellows of the student have claimed, while talking to our staff reporter, that the university hospital refused to admit her because of it being a police case. She was then shifted to the neurosurgery ward of Allied Hospital.

The students have complained that the university administration threatens them over minor failures in tests and sends their results to their families. They further asserted that this kind of unnecessary pressure adds to the anxiety of the students and compels them to take such steps. The university must look into this issue and show some leniency in their policies. 

Progressive Students Collective spokesperson, Muqaddas Jaral, condemned this incident while maintaining that educational institutions must not turn into torture cells for students and proper counselling facilities should be made accessible to every student in institutes to help them cope with extra burden.

She further added that the government seems adamant on cutting the higher education budget this year which will make it harder for institutes to provide better facilities to its students, putting their mental health at risk.


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