Exposed Outright: A Poem

Exposed Outright: A Poem

By Monal Murtaza

We live in a world where the idea of Heaven and Hell still holds great sway among believes of various faiths. Legends and myths have instilled the fear of Hell in people, and everyone looks forward to their own version of Heaven. But we don’t have to imagine Heaven or Hell – both of them exist in the world that we live in. The capitalist mafia has already divided our world into its hell and heaven by creating divisions of two classes: those earn profits and those from which profit is earned.

I wrote a poem which depicts the idea of Hell and Heaven operating in this world.

Lately your beloved won a ticket of gold

It was nothing less but to lean and hold

It offered a trip worth thousands of dewy nights

A journey to both heaven and hell with all the rights

I entered the mortal, forbidden land with chaos on the rise

I had to become part of one added to my surprise

Hell was shadowed by sky scrappers of Heaven

Adding to the curse of disgust was cries of mourning Raven

Heaven had everything I saw, heard and anticipated in luxuries of tech

In Hell, fell everything that was nothing but a wreck

A wall separated them both

The people kept there by oath

Heaven had suited, gel-haired and perfumed magnates

Hell suffered with sick, haggard grey hair people wailing to their fate

A small yellow tablet was the cure

It resided with Heaven residents in pure

The Hell haggards had to mourn and scream

The Heaven would shower the cure only if they stop to dream

But the flames of Hell have turned cold to thickened skins

The old stubborn man talk only about their dreams and ambitions to kin

They cry no longer, they scream no louder

These signals irritate the Heaven High’s router

Now I see the lights behind falling curtains of mess

I feel trembles itself in the board of chess

Heaven’s High feels it losing for the fear game is low

They plan to give Hell Haggards another blow

The fear, constant need for torture and mess in the already deprived

That’s how the system of His Highness Heaven so far survived

I was moved by the games

I saw nothing but rising flames

I woke up as clock struck Seven

I happily took escape from Chronicles of Hell and heaven

I saw the sun getting up, wished for a rise too

Decided to go for a walk to get a clue

As I walked miles and miles,

I passed by many piles

Reminiscing of the dream,

I channeled the thoughts in my stream

The Heaven and Hell I visualised last night

Was actually my neighborhood exposed outright!

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