Book Review: Rah-e-Azm

To live, get an education, earn a livelihood and then leave this world are not the only things humans are created for, humans are bestowed with additional and tremendous capabilities to understand and perceive the world around them. As we have been fortunate enough to have these sensibilities, it’s incumbent on us to do something novel and unique in this world. How can one make their mark in this world? That is a question, indeed!

What you need is this book “Rah-e-Azm Mein” (In The Way of Determination) written by the well-known trainer, motivational speaker, educationist and writer Qasim Ali Shah. It is in the form of essays. The essays compiled in this book have been taken from different books by the authors to provide the younger audiences with a magnum opus that they almost all are in desperate need of at the moment. 

As the very title suggests, it is written in Urdu with a purpose to cater to the needs of the more significant part of our society. Real-life stories galore regarding the personalities who rose to eminence by doing hard work and pursuing their passions.

Tens of thousands of people are born and similarly, countless die every day. But only those are remembered who have done exceptional work in their lives. Abdul Sattar Edhi Sahab was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Still, his passion and compassion for humanity led him to set a world record by establishing the world’s largest ambulance Service in Pakistan. The personality of the 47th chief Justice of Lahore High Court, Malik Anwar- ul- Haq, is a living inspiration for our youth. Though he opened his eyes in a middle-class family, he didn’t let the dearth of resources become a stumbling block in his way to acquiring education. With such passion, he achieved what he desired in his life. Now, It’s been nearly two years since he retired from the designation of Chief Justice of LHC. These days he is serving humanity, reconciling wedded couples by resolving their mutual differences. People are remembered for their service to humanity and what they have given back to the world after reaching their goals. “No one in this world has ever been revered due to this thing that what they have acquired in their lives, rather they are held in high esteem for what they have given to or done for others.” 

A mentor who might have struggled many years to gain some particular knowledge can impart that treasure trove to others within quite a shorter period. The problem is it’s hard to find such people devoted to their fields in our country, but thankfully not impossible! If you have been successful in finding your Murshid (guide), the travel of thousands of miles would be traversed in the twinkling of an eye. Therefore it’s well said,“ A good education can change anyone, a good teacher can change everything”.

Another significant thing majority of us don’t pay heed to is “aim in life”. What we want to be? For what purpose is our passion? There are two categories of people. In the first category, people do have aims in life, but they run away from working hard and taking risks vital in materialising their ambitions. However, this is also not the case with everyone. Some people have management skills and the ability to cope with a hard time. In the second category, we have people who don’t know what these “aims” and “passions” are from the very beginning. Aimless life is not a startling thing for them, nor do they care to explore their passions. “Great people do have the courage to take risk in life. They see themselves as passengers and consider life a travel”.

Some people have flabbergasting effectiveness in their personalities. Sitting near them and listening to whatever they say to leave an indelible mark on our personality. Anyone can gain such persuasion, but people are required to develop some qualities in their personalities. This book is rife with quotes and real-life stories to inspire and encourage the reader. Succinctly, this book is genuinely thought-provoking and engaging, to say the least. Every teenager and adolescent must read it to bring betterment to their lives.

This piece has been written by Usama Malick. The quotations in this review are excerpted from the book “Rah-e-Azm Mein” and have been translated by the author. To write for The Students Herald contact:

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