A Story of struggle

A Story of struggle

Jazeb Ajmal

The plant of the fertile homeland of Pakhtunkhwa, which emerged as a flower, has become a beacon for millions of students today. Ajmal Farooqi, He hails from the city of flowers’ Peshawar. Today he graduated from Peshawar Degree College. He writes his comments on his social media page in the following way: By the grace of almighty Allah, I completed my Bachelors (4 years). Behind this degree my heartbreaking 6 years of life, which can be felt not that writing would be easy, that I used to sleep late at night I didn’t know how long I would be in the custody of the traffic police.

When I stood before the judge in court, the crime was that I had to earn money for my education. The shopkeepers would not allow me in front of the shop, to put the fruit cart in front of their shops. Sometimes my friends tell me that don’t sell fruits near college because teachers and friends will laugh at you. Although the ground was too narrow for me, I did not give up. Although this is a happy occasion for me, tears come to my eyes when I happy.

My attachment to education was such that I did not take a single vacation during that time and I did not miss even any class. And as result, I secured the first position for six consecutive semesters. I also avail scholarship for studies and when students come with money in the pocket I go with empty. But I spend round about 80% pocket money on educational expenses and also bought 300 books for reading. I am very happy with ALLAH that he showed me this day. I am very grateful to my teachers who made me not to feel inferior. I also thank my parents and sibling who never complain or blocked my path to dream but supported.

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