GCU History Teacher Accused of Harrassing a Female Student


Report: Amjad Mehdi

Government College University has been rocked by a harassment case yet again after a female student of history department filed a harassment complaint against Saeed Butt, an assistant professor of the same department.

Sources say that Mr Butt has a history of harassment cases behind as several complaints had already been filed against him. Back in 2015, he was sacked by the university administration when the anti harassment committee found him guilty of harassing a female student then. But the former VC Hassan Amir Shah had reinstated him after a couple of months.

According to the details of the current harassment case against Mr Butt, the anti harassment committee will receive an inquiry report of the case within two days. Until then he is temporarily suspended.

Earlier in September this year, GCU fired a physics department teacher after he too was found guilty for in a harassment case against him. There have been reports from campuses across the country about the harassment cases over there. Layyah campus of GCU Faisalbad was rocked by a harassment scandal that was exposed in October. Kalsoom Fatima, the spokesperson of Progressive Students Collective, condemns such developments. She said, “We have seen countless harassment cases but not the measures to stop on campus harassment”. “It is shameful that a perpetual harasser, Saeed Butt was given safe haven in GCU”. “He should immediately be shown the doors and all campuses must form anti harassment committees with female students representation to counter on campus harassment impactfully” she demanded.

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